bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy...Is located in the historic hamlet of Rhinebeck in the Hudson Valley, approximately 2-Hours north from New York City, at 6423 Montgomery Street on Rt 9

Since 2004, bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy has blazed a trail of innovation, fusing utility & design into a well merchandised specialty kitchen experience. bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy  prides  on finding the most unique and classic quality goods with an all budget friendly understanding. The categories include professional cutlery, cook & bakeware, culinary tools & gadgets, barware, tabletops, stemware, small appliances and select provisions that best represent the bluecashew kitchen brand. It’s clientele is local, from surrounding towns, weekender and abroad based, food enthusiasts and professionals in the culinary fields. bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy strives to be inspirational, informed, courteous and never underestimate it’s customers.

In 2003 a thought, an idea or perhaps the concept of a brand began. By the end of 2004 the ultimate 4th quarter in the retail season  bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy came to be.  The brick and mortar store developed and  a well curated shopping experience showcasing merchandise in various categories from cookware to cutlery to table top to lifestyle brands and events was open for business.  

By Holiday of 05, bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy, expanded and doubled its size. The shop acquired the entire store front of the quaint Victorian building in High Falls and bluecashew Dining Lab launched. This additional room presented a refined collection of tabletops & objects of desire. The key with the Dining Lab was to enhance and maintain continuity with the existing lines, to continue to tell a story, and not become a hodgepodge of unrelated goods.  As with the kitchen product selections from Europe, Australia and the U.S. the new addition presented fine linens by Le Jacquard Francais, Chilewich Table Mats & Flooring, Royal Copenhagen serving and dinnerware, Nespresso Espresso Machines, Match Pewter, iittalia & MUD Australia dinnerware to name a few.

YEAR FOUR, the website - www.bluecashewkitchen.com
The next steps the internet business launched. Just as the store it simmered for a bit more.  It demanded a few more cooks in the kitchen to jointly deliver. The site was stylish, easy to navigate.  Intentions with the site, to create  a 2-D cyberspace version of the in-store shopping experience - right down to our signature colors. To showcase a selection of merchandise with the same brand respect, quality and better best credo and to provide the security and service to ease the internet shopping experience. With in the site the blog  features  notable updates, new items, culinary happenings, recipes and details to continue to build a relationship with the customer and bluecashew kitchen.

bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy is in great company in Rhinebeck. In this four corner village you will also find a wonderful collection of lifestyle and designer shops that truly compliment each other. Visit Paper Trail (www.papertrail.com); at Hammertown (www.hammertown.com) exquisite antiques, furnishings, gifts and tabletops; at Sawkille Co (www.sawkille.com) an array of contemporary custom furnishing, tables & chairs and more. Jointly with bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy these shops make the Rhinebeck Lifestyle Collective.

bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy
6423 Montgomery Street, Suite 3
Rhinebeck NY 12572
T 845.876.1117
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Spring/Summer Hours:
Monday thru Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday until 7pm
Sunday until 6pm